We all have busy schedules and life doesn't seem to provide opportunities even for the basic things to get accomplished. That's why I offer Video Therapy through VSee. VSee is a video conferencing service that is compliant with all client privacy laws (HIPPA) and is easy to use. In the comfort and privacy of your own home we can help you find your authentic self. 


Sign Up For Free VSee Account

Type your email into the input field in the middle of the page on the VSee website and click on the green “Get Basic VSee Messenger Free” button.


Open your email from VSee and click on the big yellow "Complete Signup" button. You’ll be directed 

back to VSee’s website where you can complete the registration by putting in your first and last name and creating a password. Click “Next” to continue.

Check Your Email
Invite Me to Connect

SKIP the step where you're asked to find "friends". Click the “No Thanks” link at the bottom right of the page. You will get another screen asking  

if you want to skip finding friends, click “skip this step now”. On the next screen you’ll be able to add emails manually. In the first field type in and click "Next". You just sent me

an invitation to connect with VSee.

To ask questions or start the process to book a session, enter your info here.

16050 Via Este Rd, Sonora, CA 95370

209 288-2946 (office)     209 352-0834 (cell)

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To ask questions or start the process to book a session, enter your info here.

Success! Message received.

Download Free Software and Let's Begin

The last screen is the software download screen. The download should happen automatically. Just follow the on-screen instructions for either Windows or Mac computers. Once the software is downloaded and installed, start the application and log in using the information you provided at sign up (first and last name and password). To begin a video conference, click the green camera icon next to my name, Kimm Moss. If you don’t see my name in your "New Contacts" list, you can add it manually by clicking on the "+" sign in the bottom left corner. In the next screen, enter and click “Find”. My name should then be added to your contact list. That is it! Talk to you soon.